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All Aluminum System Soundproof Glass Module Imported Transparent Tape Office Space

Create a green space; Form originates from function; Less is more; Details are God
  • EASY



  Office glass partition, undertake all kinds of engineering customization. Office space builder, easy to work, tailored for you. Product analysis, professional technology is worth your rest assured; Senior design team to create your personal space.

Glass partition wall application and advantages:

1. Make full use of space. Aluminum alloy partition wall only needs a few centimeters to separate the room, if it is a solid wall at least 10-20 centimeters.

2. Easy to install and disassemble. Aluminum alloy partition wall is easier to install or remove than ordinary partition wall, installation or removal, installation or removal after installation or removal of the ground wall loss is minimal, faster, more convenient relocation.

3. Good sound insulation effect. The inner side of the partition wall is pre-installed with a sealing strip, which has good sealing performance and improves the sound insulation effect.

4. Stylish and beautiful. The office began to use aluminum alloy partition, the appearance of fashion and beautiful, simple atmosphere is the choice of most fashion companies.

5. Widely used, suitable for all kinds of places. But to be used for different decoration styles, tailored to create new space.

Product details, visible quality. Demanding details, details determine success or failure.

1. Tempered glass. High strength, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, more solid.

2. Quality aluminum alloy. High strength aluminum alloy, no rust, no deformation, anti-corrosion, strong, tasteless.

3. Quality hardware. Quality imported hardware accessories, durable and practical, greatly improve the life of the partition.

Product Description




Wall appearance: The wall thickness is 50mm, the height of the upper and lower rails is 60mm, and 3mm thick German imported transparent tape is used between the glass modules.

Design style: Vertical single piece to top (cannot be horizontally divided)

Glass assembly: 12mm thick safety or fireproof glass, with an accuracy requirement of ± 1mm.

Company Information




Q: Where is the factory?

A: The factory is located in Zhaoqing Dawang, Guang Dong.

Q: How about the warranty?
A: 5 years warranty, Quick response after sale service online.

Q: Can you accept OEM orders?
A: Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated.

Q: How about the delivery time?
A: The delivery time depends on which products and the quantity you need.




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