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Business Negotiation Room Shared Cabin Remote Education Live Cabin

  It's time for a change. The post-90s and post-2000s disdain to be restrained, confined by closed work spaces, an open work environment that is completely private, and no longer a fantasy space that caters to the new generation of individuality, openness, and vitality.
  It has acoustic characteristics and can be flexibly disassembled without the need for complete transportation, making it a silent cabin.



Product Introduction

  Soundproof cabin, express a kind of working attitude. A way of mutual respect, a comfortable office space. Simple multi-faceted arc design, comfortable built-in two-way convection system; Eye protection lighting design; Make the cabin reach everyday light and not dull.

Product Advantage

1. Suitable for the power supply system, in line with the use of mainstream equipment and energy environment inside and outside the cabin.

2. Cabin natural light color temperature LED central lighting system, professional lighting requirements in the cabin pre-expansion power supply.

3. The design of multiple sound barriers solves the problem of sound leakage while greatly reducing the noise of the fresh air system and reducing the sound interaction inside and outside the cabin.

4. The soundproof cabin is made of aluminum honeycomb panel, the surface of the aluminum panel is coated with high-density damping sound insulation to meet the sound insulation requirements, and the interior is equipped with acoustic materials to meet the acoustic environment indicators.

Product Description

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Product Parameters

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Product Applications

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