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China Unicom (Guangdong) Industrial Internet Limited Company

China Unicom (Guangdong) Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. Is the first subsidiary of China Unicom established in Guangdong Province with independent legal entity status. Relying on “Internet+” platform technology (large object mobile cloud intelligence), the company provides one-stop solutions from connection, cloud platform to network for government enterprises. Big data application, hardware and software integration, cloud operation and big data application capability through open communication platform.

Product Introduction

  The elegance of the cozy city is not artificial, and the art trend is integrated into the elegant fashion. Everyone has an amazing life that no one else can see. To use the eyes also back in the daily work, each arc is tailored to you. Simplicity is not a lack of design elements, it is a higher level of creative realm.


Product Advantage

  Office front desk painting table, through the perfect design, to create your satisfactory works.

1. We use environmentally friendly high density panels. Wood is strong, with hard toughness, can withstand the test of carved support furniture. Natural; Environmental protection; Long service life; High-grade thick, It belongs to the leader in office furniture materials.(Densiture, audio car interior decoration, can also be used as a computer room antistatic floor, wall panel anti-theft doors, wall panels, classes and other production materials.)

2. National brand certification of environmity board - High density fiberboard with its excellent physical properties, compatible with all the advantages of medium fiber board, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, office, quality furnental protection paint, seven layers of paint grinding, enhance moisture resistance, prevent deformation.

3. This is a multi-functional front desk, reasonable layout design, atmospheric lines, stable style, wise passion style. Simple drawer design; Practical keyboard design; Desktop hole design.

4. Suitable for a variety of office environments, different types to meet different office needs.

Product Applications

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1502, Building 3, No. 24, Jinheng Road, Southwest Street, Sanshui District, Foshan,Guangdong, China


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