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Christmas Festive Atmosphere Office Popular Design Hardware Series

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Christmas Festive Atmosphere Office Popular Design Hardware Series


In the spiritof the holidays, we celebrate the innovation and process we're achieved together.  May your business thrive this festive season and beyond.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with creativity and success!

Celebrate the arrival of Christmas with our colorful decorations and gifts. From simple high-end accessories to charming office decor, our selection will make your holiday happy and bright!

It's a special time of year when our shop turns into a winter wonderland! From glittery decorations to warm gifts, we have it all for you. Let's embrace the spirit of Christmas together and make this a memorable holiday!

UNO Hardware System Table Series

Unique bridge leg design

Powerful and rich desktop accessories

优诺1 UNO

A. UNO Hardware System Table Series

  Strong support table leg design

  Now designers can choose from a variety of legs and different finish combinations. The UNO leg design uses a unique bridge-like structure - vertical legs of equal height are anchored to both sides of a structural beam.


B. Unique bridge leg design

  Simple look with intelligent design, by adding the elements of modernity and humanity, each product is with unique and distinctive style and characterise enhancing the "charisma" for being an ececutive, and providing a natural "feel and touch" with comfortable settings.

  With simple visual beauty and rich practical functions, you can create easy and convenient office enjoyment, and create twice the result with half the effort!
  Expressing the office art world with everything basing on traditional exquisite technical skills, natural materials and precise making, the product takes the lead and becomes beyond the century.


C. Powerful and rich desktop accessories

  1. Lifting screen

The lifting screen, which can be installed as one or independently, and the bottom hanging slot, its expressive and practical accessories can highlight the personalized style of the space.

2. Under table screen

The under-table screen can be added or removed at will to support individual needs for dedicated working or open collaborative discussions at the workbench.

3. Over line system

4.Table foot electric box collocation

Collaborative creation and personalization offer unmatched potential.

Optional collocation: electric box/pin




  Furniture manufacturing is the technique for expressing artistic concept and boundless creativity. Therefore, the functionality, at this time, is not what the designer wishes to emphasize. They are refinement and artistry. Xinli speaks a strong but comfortable art language.

  Design of vogue and pact right meets the needs that modern offices are particular about simpleness and novelty, assmebling of office workshop can gain effect of simplification and beautification.

  The top-quality office furniture for administrative personnel is graceful in appearance and appeals to your eyes. Accessorial components of various types are available for your high status and distinguished taste.

Hechuang, the expert in producing Table Frame , we are happy to help any office solutions.

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