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Construction of Blockchain Free Trade Zone in Hainan Ecological Software Park

On October 8, 2018, Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology officially issued the license of Hainan Ecological Software Park to establish the “Hainan Free Trade Zone (port) Blockchain Pilot Zone”, which is the first officially approved blockchain pilot zone. In China, TIME- Atribute to the TIME series, the original wood color walnut wood grain desk jumps out of the cold rational thinking in the administrative office space, in the quiet time, there is a hint of Zen, making the space more spacious, clear and quiet.

Product Introduction  

The overall style is mostly designed in wood tones, and the walnut wood grain desk breaks away from the old-fashioned rational thinking in the administrative office space, complementing the wooden planks laid on the ground. Once you enter, it will only make you feel warm and lively. At the same time, in a peaceful time, there is a hint of comfort, making the space more spacious, clear, and peaceful.

Product Advantage

Simple modern staff desk, for you to create a healthy and comfortable office environment. We have the following advantages:

1. Open wide desktop, large desktop spacious and comfortable, free, comfortable office.

2. Big-name quality assurance, welcome more than the same price goods.

3. Create an efficient office environment, refuse messy office, comfortable office environment, greatly improve work efficiency. Hidden line, thickened steel frame, high temperature paint.

4. Color display, choose at will. Choose the right color to enhance the office grade.

5. Free combination, born for the team. Multi-station optional, free space planning can consult the salesman at any time.

6. We use environmentally friendly plate, adhere to the use of environmentally friendly raw material thick environmental protection, strong and durable. There are also upgraded and thickened panels, refusing wood slag plates, fault plates, hollow plates and other low-quality washed plates, we only use health and environmental protection without odor.

7. Table legs can be installed socket, hidden line. Reserved socket, easy to use more secure, say goodbye to the line clutter.

8. Spacious floor, plenty of legroom. Give you a comfortable and comfortable office environment, work smoothly, efficiency naturally improve.

9. Multi-space storage saves space, daily work can store a variety of items, so that the desktop release more area, more comfortable office.

Product Operate Guide

Color description:

Due to the different display equipment, may lead to product color differences, in different environments, shooting equipment and time and other factors under the influence of the picture may be slightly different, the picture color difference is a normal phenomenon, please refer to the physical prevail.

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