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Customized Glass Soundproof Room Mobile Silent Cabin Business Negotiation Room

Create a comfortable space for movement and reduce the number of interruptions; Multi layered structure installation, protected from the inside to the outside, integrated with sound absorption, insulation, and shock absorption, effectively enhancing the sound insulation effect and creating your own private space.



Product Introduction

  Professional noise insulation, comfortable quiet space. Multifunctional silent compartment to meet the needs of multiple uses. Suitable for different places, more creative space is up to your imagination. A quiet cabin is an enclosed cabin specifically designed to create a noise-free environment, which is designed so that people can work, study or relax in a completely silent environment.

Product Advantage

  1.  The selection of sound insulation materials: The silent cabin needs to use efficient sound insulation materials to isolate the external sound insulation, and the commonly used sound insulation materials include sound insulation felt, glass fiber sound insulation board, sound-absorbing board, etc. These materials can effectively reduce the transmission and reflection of noise, thus creating a quiet environment.

  2. Optimization of the air duct system: The air duct system inside the quiet cabin needs to be optimized to ensure that the air circulation does not produce any noise, usually by using low noise fans, optimizing the layout of the air duct, adding silencers, etc.

  3. Application of intelligent control system: The silence chamber can use intelligent control system to automatically detect and control the noise level. The system can monitor the noise level in real time through the sensor and automatically adjust the parameters of the sound insulation material, the air duct system, etc., to achieve the best mute effect.

  4. Vibration isolation of the floor and wall: The vibration isolation design of the floor and wall can reduce the impact of mechanical vibration on the silent chamber, thereby further improving the sound insulation effect. Commonly used vibration isolation materials include rubber vibration isolation pads and elastic suspension devices.

  5. Reasonable indoor layout: The indoor layout of the silent chamber needs to take into account the path and direction of noise propagation to minimize the impact of noise. The usual method is to place the workbench, seats and other facilities away from the noise source, and use soundproof seals and other ways to further isolation.

  In short, through reasonable design and optimization, the silent cabin can provide people with a completely noise-free exclusive space, so that people can focus on work, study or relax in this environment, improve efficiency and quality.

Product Description

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Product Parameters

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Product Applications

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