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Indoor Mobile Soundproof Room Office Soundproof Compartment Detachable Noise Isolation

Create a comfortable space for movement and reduce the number of interruptions; Multi layered structure installation, protected from the inside to the outside, integrated with sound absorption, insulation, and shock absorption, effectively enhancing the sound insulation effect and creating your own private space.



Product Introduction

 Support customization, factory direct sales, please consult online salesman for details. The functions of the silent cabin include: silent noise reduction, effective isolation of environmental or living noise, and maintaining a good living or working environment. Features: ventilation, lighting, power supply, USB, cable, etc. Applicable: home, office, conference hall, broadcast room, reading room, recording studio, telephone booth, negotiation room, music room, conference room, etc

  Product certification complete, that is, safe and environmentally friendly!

Product Advantage

1. Flexible and changeable silent cabin, a multi-purpose cabin, complete functions, custom wordless. Provide a good business negotiation place for the company. Provide a quiet space for employees to think and stimulate more creativity.

2. Let it go. Let it go. Enjoy your privacy. Engineers design the structure according to the acoustic principle of sound insulation and test the sample repeatedly. Create professional sound insulation and noise reduction products to solve your annoyance.

3. Variable space, as defined by you. Meet the needs of customers for a variety of purposes.

4. Professional mute structure components, sound absorption and sound insulation integration. Outer closed structure design + inner high density sound absorption components. A quiet environment with external sound insulation and internal sound absorption has been successfully constructed.

5. High-tech soundproof glass. Made of high-tech chemical sound insulation material, high temperature treatment of essential oil, covered with glass surface, colorless and odorless.

6. Ventilation lighting cabin air circulation, two-way convection ventilation, reduce the cabin indoor and outdoor sound exchange while renewing the cabin air with continuous air exchange.

Product Description

private Office Pod

private Office Pod

private Office Pod

Product Parameters

private Office Pod

Office Booth 28

Product Applications

Office Booth 6




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