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Manufacturer's Direct Sales of Indoor Mobile Soundproof Rooms Office Soundproof Cabins

Create a comfortable space for movement and reduce the number of interruptions; Multi layered structure installation, protected from the inside to the outside, integrated with sound absorption, insulation, and shock absorption, effectively enhancing the sound insulation effect and creating your own private space.



Product Introduction

  Customize an exclusive silent room based on your actual space. Engineers design the structure according to the principles of sound insulation and acoustics, conduct complex sampling and testing, and have long been dedicated to professional sound insulation and noise reduction products to solve your troubles. To meet the needs of mobile business scene construction, different themes of mobile business scene combination of diversified mobile business content.

Product Advantage

  1.  Intelligent space components are modular. It can be customized according to the space scene requirements, solve the space limitation problem, and improve the project efficiency.

  2. Provide intelligent space solutions for customers in various fields.

    Business office: Soundproof telephone booth to provide you with better privacy.

    Live webcast: Speak as you please, no longer afraid of complaints from neighbors.

    Education series: No longer have to worry about being interrupted by the topic, improve the concentration of learning.

    Conference negotiation: Small conference, business negotiation, only one silent cabin.

    Vocal series: Play to your heart's content without worrying about the noise.

    Medical series: Protective isolation to provide quality rest space for medical staff.

Product Description

Office Booth 8

Office Booth 9

Office Booth 13

Product Parameters

Office Booth 27

Office Booth 28

Product Applications

Office Booth 6




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