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Office Furniture Desk And Chair Combination Office Card Holder Staff Desk

  The office shows a simple and mondern urbansense, relaxed, harmnious, and lively, the environmenttends to be humanized, handsome, professional and reliable.
  The minimalist windshield not only provides practicality, but also brings you a comfortable and comfortable office environment.
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Product Introduction  

Simple and strong design style, unique structural design, unique combination of connections, everything is so harmonious and natural. By interpreting the true essence of modern office furniture with its unique temperament, it meets the ideal office environment standards of modern people, effectively stimulates employees' work enthusiasm and creativity, and creates a comfortable and pleasant office environment.

Product Advantage

1. Fully functional to meet office needs. It makes full use of space resources and optimizes space cost. Wide range of station, strong support.

2. Soundproof screen. Limited to improve work efficiency.

3. Storage mobile drawer to meet your office needs. Diversified storage design, file preservation more safe, convenient and practical.

4. Desktop cable hole, say goodbye to clutter. Get rid of messy lines, multi-functional and aesthetic.

5. Thickened aluminum alloy, sunlight partition. Corrosion-resistant, smooth and non-abrasive, stable table not easy to deform. Precision stamping process, stable forming. Mutual Mosaic structure, close fit.

6. Health and environmental protection grade plate. Solid wood pellet board in line with national environmental standards. Material stability, not easy to deform, suitable for furniture material.

7. Free combination, rational use of space. More combinations, more cards need to be customized, details can consult foreign trade salesman.

Product Description

Reception Room Meeting Table

Reception Room Meeting Table

Reception Room Meeting Table

Reception Room Meeting Table

Company Information

Modern minimalist conference table


Q: Where is the factory?

A: The factory is located in Zhaoqing Dawang, Guang Dong.

Q: How about the warranty?
A: 5 years warranty, Quick response after sale service online.

Q: Can you accept OEM orders?
A: Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated.

Q: How about the delivery time?
A: The delivery time depends on which products and the quantity you need.




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