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Office Leisure Area Back Soft Bag Sofa Coffee Table Combination

 Eliminating complexity and simplicity, fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, the clear personality design appears calm and practical, stable and reliable in load-bearing, and can withstand the erosion of time without the need for extra components, presenting a smooth aesthetic feeling.



  Fashion aesthetics, enjoy a comfortable life. The only distance between you and your ideal life is a comfortable sofa.

  The simplicity and elegance of the Italian minimalist style, pure lines and circles, with a unique charm, is a kind of beauty that does not deliberately highlight the decoration and appearance to emphasize the simplicity of the inner nature of things and can withstand the test of time. A simple, natural, rough poem that interprets simple, quiet things.

  Reject pungent smell, has passed the national authority test. Using green environmental protection standards, truly environmental protection and safety.

  Designed according to ergonomic proportions, it is shaped to meet the needs of Asian people. Effectively relieve physical fatigue, sedentary not tired.

  The feeling of sitting in the cloud, the generous sitting bag. Effective support for hip and leg pressure. High rebound sponge sitting bag gives you a deep wrapped feeling.

Product Description

Backrest chair for Luxury Hotel

Backrest chair for Luxury Hotel

Backrest chair for Luxury Hotel

Company Information

MQ SOFA 2023


Q: Where is the factory?

A: The factory is located in Zhaoqing Dawang, Guang Dong.

Q: How about the warranty?
A: 5 years warranty, Quick response after sale service online.

Q: Can you accept OEM orders?
A: Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated.

Q: How about the delivery time?
A: The delivery time depends on which products and the quantity you need.




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