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Silent chamber Office Negotiation room Small soundproof meeting room

Create a comfortable space for movement and reduce the number of interruptions; Multi layered structure installation, protected from the inside to the outside, integrated with sound absorption, insulation, and shock absorption, effectively enhancing the sound insulation effect and creating your own private space.


Product Introduction

We have a complete cooperation process:

  1. Cooperation consultation, before the start of cooperation, customers can consult the salesman specific product parameter data.

  2. Solution communication, we will communicate with customers on the feasible and best suited to customer needs.

  3. Determine the program, through various investigations and timely communication, we finally determine the program with the customer.

  4. Make a deal.

  5. Pay the deposit, We'll need a deposit before we start production.

  6. Arrange production. After the payment of the deposit, the salesman began to arrange the manufacturer to implement the production.

  7. Product confirmation, at the end of production, we will first confirm whether there is a problem with the product.

  8. Finish production, we will personally supervise the packing when the product is finished.

  9. Pay the balance, the buyer will be notified of the remaining payment after the packaging is completed.

  10. Logistics distribution, after everything is ready, we will arrange shipping logistics for distribution as soon as possible.

Product Advantage

1. Really soundproof, no interference. Mobile sound insulation, one compartment multi-purpose. Possible application scenarios: negotiation room/conference room/live broadcast room/piano room/drum kit/sleeping cabin.

2. Can solve the noise problem. A soundproof room solves 70% of the problem caused by noise:

  Studying at home, too much outdoor noise makes learning distracted, and the house is poorly soundproofed and unable to focus; Negotiation telephone, telephone environment noisy noise, can not communicate smoothly and chat; Online office, unable to focus on work, affected by external noise work mood; Office negotiation, negotiation process is easy to be disturbed by the outside world, unable to speak freely; Live broadcast is disturbed, live broadcast process people come and go or live at home for fear of disturbing the two fear of disturbing the people; Practicing Musical Instruments, practicing Musical Instruments at home is afraid of disturbing the people, being complained by the neighbors, and can not concentrate on practicing.

3. Multi-layer sound insulation structure, from the inside to the outside layer sound insulation absorption, absorption sound insulation shock integration. Create your own private soundproof space.

4. Soundproof comfort, allowing you to enjoy the space. Indoor natural light color temperature LED central lighting to meet the lighting needs with fresh air system inside to ensure ventilation is not dull.

Product Description




Detailed data

Product Parameters

Office Booth 27

Office Booth 28

Product Applications

Office Booth 6




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