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Small Negotiating Glass Partition Soundproof Room Teleconferencing Silent Room

Create a comfortable space for movement and reduce the number of interruptions; Multi layered structure installation, protected from the inside to the outside, integrated with sound absorption, insulation, and shock absorption, effectively enhancing the sound insulation effect and creating your own private space.



Office Pod

  The versatile space is determined by you to meet the diverse needs of customers; The outer sealed structure design and the inner high-density sound-absorbing components have successfully constructed a quiet environment with external soundproofing and internal sound-absorbing.

  Isolate noise, return everything to calm, and make work more focused. A multifunctional and fully functional soundproof cabin with multiple functions.

  The construction of quiet spaces using acoustic principles and technological concepts, from the design and manufacturing of individual products to the establishment of spatial solutions, all adhere to strict acoustic indicators and technological intelligence. Easily achieve spatial acoustic environment demands such as instrumental music, recording, classrooms, home furnishings, audiovisual, office, and meetings.

  Super cool quiet space, help study and work, private freedom, deep thinking, more efficient work.

1. The acoustic product design is perfectly integrated into the decoration, and the easy installation technology quickly integrates with the ceiling or wall.2.

2. With the help of computer algorithms and acoustic analysis, acoustic data can be more precise and controllable.

3. Testing data determines product characteristics and optimizes practical applications, thus ensuring product excellence.

4. Giving products a new aesthetic, cutting-edge attitude, efficiency, quality and personalized design.

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