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Transparent Glass Silent Cabin Office Soundproof Room Movable Conference Cabin

  Create a comfortable space for movement and reduce the number of interruptions; Multi layered structure installation, protected from the inside to the outside, integrated with sound absorption, insulation, and shock absorption, effectively enhancing the sound insulation effect and creating your own private space.
  Born to cater to the demands of functional scenarios and high noise environments.



Product Introduction

  The silent cabin is also what we often say is a soundproof cabin, the main purpose is to provide an acoustic environment for detecting product noise, so in order to achieve the ideal mute effect, what materials need to be used to meet the needs?

Product Advantage

 1. Efficient sound insulation, but also a real space of your own. Professional soundproof negotiation room, soundproof glass + ventilation system + energy saving lighting.

 2. Multiple silent structure combination, a variety of sound-absorbing materials through the R & D department custom synthesis, in order to achieve professional sound insulation effect, but also you a real space of your own.

3. Two-way silent ventilation system. The multi-barrier design solves the problem of sound leakage, while greatly reducing the noise of the ventilation system and reducing the sound interaction inside and outside the cabin.

4.  Energy-saving lighting system, natural light color temperature LED energy-saving lighting system, lighting to meet the needs of normal use, soft light transmission, high brightness energy saving heat dissipation good durable, long life.

5. Cabinet modular. Quick installation and disassembly. Simple structure, 6-side disassembly activity assembly way rail design, limiter fixed small modular assembly, women with strong hands-on ability can assemble the theme.

6. High density environmental sound insulation board. High density polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, with sound-absorbing heat insulation characteristics. Isolation of external sound, environmental protection material, rest assured to use.

7. High-tech soundproof glass. It is a chemical sound insulation material developed by high-tech, covered by high temperature treatment on the glass surface and colorless and odorless, effective sound insulation, sound insulation data is higher than the market ordinary glass.

After-sales notice:

  About express: silent cabin is a valuable item, large volume, we use logistics delivery, details show freight mode because can not estimate the actual freight, please communicate with the salesman.

  About receiving goods: sign for receiving and inspecting goods. Please carefully check whether the appearance, color, etc. meet the requirements of the order before signing, if you find any problems, please contact the foreign trade salesman with you immediately.

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